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Mission Australia Winter Sleepout


Sleepout this winter and help a family that is homeless


As winter approaches it's a bleak outlook for individuals and families who don't have a place to call home.


More than 105,000 Australians are homeless on any given night; including thousands of families.


Over the past 28 years, Mission Australia's Annual Winter sleepout has made a significant difference to Australians in need. But our work is far from done, which is why we need your help!



How you can help


Sign up today to host your own Winter Sleepout. 



Whether it is in your backyard, your office, your school hall or even on your living room floor, Winter Sleepout is about getting your friends, family, colleagues and community to raise vital funds towards Australians having a safe place to sleep this winter.





Any night that suits you this winter (before 31 August 2016)





1. Register

2. Download our toolkit to help you to organise your Sleepout

3. Gather your team (or go solo if you prefer)

4. Start collecting sponsorship



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Top Teams

  • Kristy Wilson Chairo's Winter Sleepout $564.85
  • Bonnie Patterson Wonthaggi Youth Group $537.34
  • Vanessa Refalo Campbelltown Performing Arts High School Seniors $455.90
  • Joseph Riley Mackenzie Swag Kids $352.70
  • Anne Paulusz Wattletree sleepout $351.50

Top Individuals

  • Daniel Braid Youth & Young Adults $925.22
  • Angela Stansfield Angela's Winter Sleep Out for the Homeless $490.40
  • Fiona Young Fee's Caring Circle Winter Sleep Out $203.70
  • Max de Carvalho Max sleeps out $177.80
  • Jessica Merlo Merlo Family SleepOut Challenge $63.60
Mission Australia Winter Sleepout 2016
  • Raised So Far
  • $5,284.58
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