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Terms & Conditions

Your obligations as a fundraiser

  1. I have read Mission Australia’s Fundraising Terms of Agreement and I agree to conduct my fundraising event/activity in accordance with these terms and in a manner which upholds the integrity, professionalism and values of Mission Australia.
  2. I understand that Mission Australia reserves the right to withdraw approval for the fundraiser/event at any time if there is a likelihood that the activity/event fails to adhere to any of Mission Australia’s Terms of Agreement. Mission Australia will notify the Fundraiser of the breach of the terms of the Agreement with Mission Australia and give the Fundraiser the opportunity to remedy the breach within 5 working days.
  3. I acknowledge that I am in proper physical and mental condition to conduct the fundraising activity/event and voluntarily agree to the risks associated with conducting the activity/event.
  4. I understand that I cannot make a claim against Mission Australia for any damage, loss or injury arising at or from the fundraising event/activity outlined in this agreement.


Fundraising for Mission Australia - Terms of Agreement

These Terms of Agreement provide the basis for a fundraiser/event to be organised by the Winter Sleeper on behalf of Mission Australia.


By registering to fundraise on the GoFundraise website the Winter Sleeper indicates acceptance these terms and conditions and thereafter these terms and conditions will form the basis of any dealings between Mission Australia and the Winter Sleeper in relation to the fundraiser/event.


“Winter Sleeper” means the individual or organisation holding the fundraiser/event for the benefit of Mission Australia.


Authority to fundraise

Regulation and best practice in Australia dictate that any person or organisation fundraising must have an ‘Authority to Fundraise’. The Winter Sleeper is not authorised to use Mission Australia as its beneficiary charity until it has received an authorisation letter from Mission Australia. The ‘authority to fundraise’ will be sent by Mission Australia after:


-          the Winter Sleeper has completed the online registration on GoFundraise; OR

-          we have received a written and signed application from the Winter Sleeper;

-          we are satisfied that the fundraiser/event will produce a reasonable return after expenses have been deducted;

-          we are satisfied that the fundraising activity fits in with the aims and values of Mission Australia; and

-          we are satisfied the fundraising activity is not high risk.


The fundraiser/event shall be conducted in the Winter Sleeper’s name and is the sole responsibility of the Winter Sleeper.


Mission Australia is not able to take a coordination role in these activities and its officers cannot assist in soliciting prizes, organising publicity, or providing goods or services to assist the Winter Sleeper in the running of the fundraiser/event.


Legal implications

The event/fundraiser must meet the requirements of relevant State and Territory laws and regulations. The information you give Mission Australia must be available to regulatory authorities on request.


Mission Australia does not provide legal advice regarding compliance with these laws and regulations.


Mission Australia’s reputation

Because of the nature of our organisation and the high ethical standards under which we operate, there are some events with which we cannot be associated. We cannot endorse some activities, including:


-          extreme sports such as parachuting, paragliding or bungy jumping;

-          motor vehicle and motor bike racing and activities that involve marine racing unless the Fundraiser provides evidence of public liability insurance to cover themselves and their participants;

-          gambling;

-          games of chance that do not comply with State legislation;

-          activities of a sexual nature; or

-          activities that promote harm to self or the environment.



Mission Australia is unable to provide public liability insurance cover to Winter Sleepers.


Using the Mission Australia name and logo

Please remember that the event will not be Mission Australia’s event, but an event to raise funds for donation to Mission Australia.


All material with which the Mission Australia name and logo is to be associated must first be approved by Mission Australia. If the Winter Sleeper wishes to utilise the Mission Australia name and/or logo on any materials or products, the Winter Sleeper must obtain prior permission from Mission Australia.


References to Mission Australia

If the Winter Sleeper wishes to refer to or promote Mission Australia, it must refer to Mission Australia as “Mission Australia”.


Printed Materials

Any material, pamphlets, brochures or products must be submitted to Mission Australia for approval before a request to use the logo will be granted. Other printed material, such as media releases must be preapproved by Mission Australia. Printed material must be forwarded to Mission Australia for approval prior to being printed or circulated.


Use of the logo

Permission to use the logo must be requested and will attract conditions to be negotiated between Mission Australia and the Winter Sleeper, especially if the use of the logo is for marketing activities of the organisation. A minimum amount of donation may have to be guaranteed for activities of this nature.


Participation of children in an appeal

Some States have special regulations that apply when children participate in an appeal. Different rules apply for children of different ages.


If you are planning to involve children in your fundraising activity/event, you will be required to comply with further guidelines from Mission Australia before proceeding with your activity/event.


Finance, records and receipting

The financial aspects of fundraising, raffles, record keeping and management of the fundraiser/event are entirely the responsibility of the Winter Sleeper and the Winter Sleeper must comply with the relevant State or Territory laws and regulations.


The following is a summary of financial reporting typical of that required from Winter Sleepers which is needed to protect the public interest:

-          set-up and maintain proper financial records and accounts which can be audited if necessary;

-          provide Mission Australia at the outset with an accurate estimate of expenses and the likely proceeds of the fundraiser/event;

-          where necessary/appropriate, set up a separate bank account that mentions Mission Australia’s name. All funds are to be banked into this separate bank account. This account must be closed after your event;

-          money raised and details of your actual income and expenditure must be returned to Mission Australia within four (4) weeks of the fundraising activity; and

-          Mission Australia cannot pay expenses incurred by you, but you can deduct your necessary expenses from the proceeds of your event, provided they are properly documented. (Total expenses must be less than 40% of total proceeds).



Mission Australia can provide official receipts for approved events. Tax-deductible receipts can only be issued to people donating money of $2 or more.


The Winter Sleeper must keep a register of all attendees/supporters eligible for a tax-deductible receipt either on the receipts on a register.

Individual receipts will be sent to the Winter Sleeper for distribution to attendees/supporters. It is the responsibility of the Winter Sleeper to understand:

-          circumstances when a receipt can be issued, and to whom, NB: The following are not tax-deductible: Ticket purchases (eg. raffle), entry to an event, donations of goods or services, auction purchases, or purchase of a device;

-          the legal implications of issuing receipts and the necessity of returning official receipts books (used and unused) to Mission Australia; and

-          reconciliation of funds.



For your fundraiser to be approved, you will need to complete and sign the Fundraising Agreement form. You will be notified by in writing if your Proposal is successful. If you have any queries about your application, please contact Mission Australia.


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